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WE'RE DONE!!!!!! thank god

Today,we officially finished all of the pre-adoption beaurocratical hullabaloo. Its DONE. No more paperwork until we actually get a placement (and no, we have no idea when that will be). So now, we are just waiting for the phone call saying they have a prospective placement for us. If we do not get a placement w/in one year, we have to continue taking foster classes to keep opur license which is required for county adoption. I feel about 200lbs lighter. The stress is finally gone. There is still much stress present because of other things but not for this. It took 7 months from start to finish to get to this point. 7 MONTHS! We had out first orientation in November 2005. Paperwork was lost (several times),classes were missed. This accounts for some of the extra time. We missed an insane amount of work at least a full paycheck each, which tapped all of our savings. I wasn't sure I was going to survive this process. I feel so good right now. Now, its just a waiting game.. tick tock..... tick tock.......
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