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There and back again, My Tale

Things are going very well with our new son, Ben. He has been making great progress since he has been home. All the therapists are impressed. We are considering buying another house next year so we can open a day-care/group home for special needs children. Our orientation is in April. Yesterday was my birthday. Wow how time evaporates, huh? Ben has been home nearly 4 months. Lisa and I have been together 5 years. I am still searching for my spiritual path. Lisa is getting a new job in March. Lisa and I are having a Mardi Gras themed birthday party on th 17th. For those of you who may be interested, email me for directions to our house!! This new year seems to be starting out wonderfully(besides al the global warming related odd weather and demoic acid poisened birds). I hope all of you are getting off to the right start as well.


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Oh wow! I would love to come and finally meet you and your happy little family. I know I had your email before from a movie night thing, but I can't seme to find it. Please feel free to email me at Can I bring anything to add to the festivities?