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An update on our lives..

Gosh, things have been busy! Well, we started out fost/adopt classes earlier this week. That means we should have our fostering license in about 2 months. Becausewe are adopting from froster care system, we have to do this prior to being eligible to adopt. Lisa did our taxes already. We are using a part of our return to buy a vintage travel trailer. Actually, we already bought it. Its really cute! Ithink we're gonna give it a route 66 theme. We decided we DEFINATELEY want to try to adopt a sibling group of 2 children... Lets see.. what else.. Umm, Lisa and I botyh have birthdays next month. We are having a little get to-gether on the 18th of feb. Thats pretty much it. I spend ALL my time either trying to prepair the house for our inspection, working on schoolwork, or just working in general. I feel like I never do anything else. I guess I never DO do anything else. I suppose I should get used to it, eh?
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