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been awhile

OK! Since last post, Ben's adoptoin has been finalized.. My mom died... My brother is moving in with us... Ben's bio mom has had another son who has been placed with us for adoption but we won't know if we get to keep him until november, he is now 2 months old... I quit my hospital job and as self employed as a Doula/ Childbirth mentor.... We are buying our second home to fit our growing family... I have made an appointment to get yet another tattoo...we bought a minivan (yikes).... I've gained about 15lbs and i'm still hot ;0)....Lisa got a new job as an animal control officer for Riverside...we got another dog (against my wishes), thats a lot for 6 months, huh? thats the short version of whats going on now. I have to say, with so much change, I feel I have lost myself in the shuffle and have a strong need for stability and refocusing.. Kidless friends don't want to hang out with me anymore so i'm always lonely. I find I have next to nothing in common with the friends I do have left, they all think i'm a weirdo.. whats a girl to do.... oh yeah, and my grandmother went crazy with dimentia..

Mason's crying, gotta go!
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